You may have heard pork called the other white meat. Our pork is not white meat. It’s red meat. Calling conventional pork white meat is just a way to cover up how nutritionally deficient it is.

Our Red Wattle pork is naturally raised on our farm. It’s a nutritionally dense food.

Naturally raised means:

  • NO Antibiotics
  • NO Hormones
  • NO Chemical Wormers
  • NO Tails Cut Off
  • NO castration
  • NO Drugs

So, instead of eating cheaper, nutritionally deficient meats, try our eating smaller portions of our quality meat.

Our pasture raised pork has much more vitamins than conventional pork. Remember the old Total cereal commercials where you would need five bowls of regular cereal to equal one bowl of total. Our pork is like that. Pastured pigs have 300% more vitamin E and 74% more selenium in their milk than pigs raised in confinement.

Our pork is a good source of Vitamin B6, phosphorus, very high in protein, thiamine, niacin, and selenium.  

Pork cuts include:

  • Boneless loin roasts     
  • tenderloins     
  • ground pork     
  • spare ribs     
  • baby back ribs     
  • pork steaks     
  • bacon     
  • jowl bacon    
  • ham steaks     
  • whole ham     
  • bratwurst   
  • sausages     
  • pork chops     
  • head     
  • tails     
  • feet     
  • testicles     
  • tongue     
  • hearts     
  • fat     
  • bones     
  • liver     
  • lard    

All cuts are freshly frozen in small packages, priced for the average family.