Author: paulc3


Rabbits are the only livestock that is not free range on our farm. The reason for this is simple, everything loves to eat rabbits. We have a lot of wild critters around here: possums, raccoons, foxes, hawks, owls, dogs, etc. All of them would consider rabbit an easy meal. You may not think it’s humane to keep rabbits in cages. We’ve seen what happens to rabbits when they’re allowed to run free. Trust me, it’s not humane.

Our rabbits are kept in cages high off the ground, away from ground predators. They are fed a complete pelleted feed. Water is changed daily to keep it clean and fresh, and wooden blocks are provided to chew on so their teeth stay healthy.

The benefits of eating rabbit are many. Low cholesterol, less calories, less saturated fat, and low in sodium. The protein is easily digested. Rabbit meat is all white meat. It’s a good source of B6 vitamins, selenium, niacin, and has 100% of the daily recommended B12. The USDA proclaims that rabbit meat is the most nutritious meat known to man.

If that isn’t enough information to get you to eat rabbit, then how about this, it just plan tastes good. Rabbit meat is tender and fine grained. It’s a blank palette upon which any desired flavor can be layered.

Rabbit meat can be bought as a fryer, roaster or as individual pieces.

  • Whole Fryer        $6.00 per pound
  • Whole roaster    $6.00 per pound
  • Forelegs            $6.00 per pound
  • hind legs             $6.00 per pound
  • drum sticks         $7.00 per pound
  • Skirts                  $4.00 per pound
  • Nuggets              $8.00 per pound
  • chopped meat.   $8.00 per pound